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UI /UX, Wireframe, Branding & Website

Curo Activity

All day Activity at one place

Managing your all day activity is at just few taps away. Organize your diet and health activities ease with ease reminder system and easy to use intuitive user interface.

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Add goals, Stay healthy

Add your daily goals and app helps you to achieve them by reminidng you on time and helps to stay healthy.

Curo Goals - iFocus creatives

Adding activity should be bit Exciting !!

Add your daily health activity to your profile, it is super simple and fun at the same time.

Curo Activity

1. Search from the prelisted activity

Curo Activity

2. You can add custom activity too

Curo Activity

3. Enter your activity details

Curo Activity

4. You are good to go & track it easily later

Track your health chart

Track your health statistics

Track your important health stats such as weight, BMI, hydration, heart rate, blodd pressure & blood sugar etc. daily and control them easily with graphical represantion of data.

Patient management system


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